SOS NATURAL Micro up lifting Serum V (demo only)

5-minute immediate uplift Miracle of 24-hour lasting tightening
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Focusing the problem of fine wrinkles and sagging around eyes, lips, forehead and lower jaw, the puffiness caused by slowing down the metabolism enables the efficacy of skin tightening and uplifting.

 Trio Synergistic Formula


Step 1: Immediate efficacy

When stepping into skin pre-aging stage at age 30s, the metabolism of skin slows down and cause the uneven exfoliation of skin corneum. The lost of collagen and texture fiber causes fine wrinkles and sagging (especially around eyes, lips and forehead). Oat extracts forms 3D net of macromolecules to immediately uplift the skin lines. The compound of active marine magnesium, seaweed extracts and polysaccharides can be absorbed immediately by skin, enhancing moisturizing and trigger metabolism. 


Step 2: Building reactivate mechanism

Applying France SOLIANCE extract technology, to obtain the compound of biological macro-polymerics hydrrolytes and African Arabic gum by fermenting polysaccharides. With the physical effect to build the tightening mechanism which results uplifting and unfolding skin lines, to shape the V-line.


Step 3: Activate self renovation

Ambrette seeds, the anti-aging ingredients, and TGF-β, the transition grow ingredients, are responsible for triggering the renovation of epidermal and corium. As well as to boost the combination of collagen and mucopolysaccharides. Extracts of Shrub Althea flower protects skin FGF-2, effectively enhancing skin flexibility and tightening, become 10 years younger in 42 days.